In a nutshell, a purpose-driven brand is one that has positioned its ‘why’ as being the touchstone for every business decision — front and center in its branding and marketing.  It’s a brand that focuses on making a positive impact in the world and uses its business as a spotlight to bring solutions to people and/or the environment.  In doing so, this brand attracts customers that buy their products and services and act as enthusiastic cheerleaders because they are invested in the mission or vision.

Having said that, do your customers clearly recognize the ‘why’ of your brand?  If not, you may be missing out on countless opportunities to attract and sustain those who would be your strongest ambassadors.

Begin with Your Why

Purpose-driven brands such as Disney, Patagonia, Tesla, and Tom’s all know a powerful marketing secret.  It’s to begin with a purpose that will never waiver.  Something bigger than the brand or the profits, something people will get behind and spread.  The beauty is that as this bigger vision spreads, the profits organically grow exponentially.

The brand ‘why’ remains consistent because the core values never change even when the market shifts.  When this purpose is the center point of your marketing strategy, you are leveraging inspiration to draw people in rather than chasing them.

My client Nancy began her food photography business two years ago because she wanted to use her skills to build community over the dining table.  She has been so purpose-focused, she is now shooting for a wildly successful international cooking show.  Bravo, Nancy.

Express Your Values

Purpose-driven brands have a clear set of values and they are reflected in every nook and cranny of their brand experience — from the digital marketing to the attitude of their team members.  These brands empower their teams and provide ongoing education and coaching to ensure each and every member embodies the abundant mindset in every customer interaction.  Their culture is one that attracts and retains quality employees.

Many brands have a value statement, but those values may not be reflected in all elements of their brand experience.  Does their team even know what those values are?  Have they been empowered with all the ways the values can be expressed?

Fuel Your Purpose

These forward-thinking brands also know the value of what I call ‘fueling the purpose’.  This fuel is empowering, from the top brass down, through self-care that allows each individual to have a positive mindset and healthy mind, spirit, and body so they will be best equipped to spread the word.  I’ve outlined in detail the ‘purpose fueling process’ in my book Purpose Crisis:  Stop The Inner Struggle, Find Your Life’s Meaning, & Reveal The Magnificent You That’s Ready To Be Seen.

How does your brand stack up to the purpose litmus test?  Remember, beginning with the brand ‘why’ is the most powerful and effective way to create a consistent, cohesive and purpose-driven brand that can and will change the world.

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