In the noisy world of web marketing, a live connection with your target market is more essential than ever. However, you may not have a clue how to network effectively and confidently. Your lack of self-assurance either prevents you from attending these events altogether or you show up unprepared and self-conscious-  a recipe for losing out on the connections you want to make.  Here are 3 things that will change the way you network so you will feel confident and achieve success:

The 3 Things That Will Change The Way You Network
Be Prepared

Know your audience and craft your elevator pitch specifically for them.  Be succinct and know exactly what to say when people ask you what you do. Practice it!  A polished image matters, too. Take pride in your appearance from head to toe like each event is a special occasion. Don’t forget business cards and a quality pen, too.

Tap Into Your Natural Charisma

Be positive!  Embody your passion and enthusiasm for your vision by speaking from your heart as well as your head.  Ask open-ended questions and listen to their answers like they are the only person in the room.  Networking gold!

Follow Up

Now that you’ve established a link don’t let your lack of follow up kill the opportunity.  When you make a true connection, calendar an appointment on the spot.  Multiple touch points like personal phone calls, video texts, and hand-written note cards are a great way to stand out.  Forward them a blog post or recommend a book they’ll appreciate.  The idea is to come from a place of serving them- making you unforgettable.

Be prepared, naturally charismatic and follow up!!  You will be confident, make solid connections, and achieve the success you desire.