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Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Expert JuliAnn Stitick

You hire a speaker because you want these three things:

  1. To inspire, teach, train, educate, liberate or support your audience
  2. To build community and encourage conversation
  3. Attract more of your right-fit audience into your community

That’s exactly what JuliAnn Stitick, Personal Brand Expert will do for your next event. JuliAnn is a best-selling author, expert communicator, and business strategist that focuses on helping people align their values, business goals, and branding so that they can maximize their connections and impact the world. For JuliAnn, it’s about up leveling the whole experience, starting with one’s personal brand.

“JuliAnn has a captivating presence. She is engaging, warm and energetic. She has an uncanny ability to elevate her clients. Her work has brought us GREAT SUCCESS!”    Lovella Bridal

JuliAnn is a master at zeroing in on the key components that create noticeable and compelling brands that provoke action and quickly convert to sales. JuliAnn understands that marketing, at its best, is about making a true connection with the people that we can serve and benefit the most and her presentations help both entrepreneurs and corporate audiences do that. JuliAnn is passionate about helping people succeed. Her messages not only teach but they inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

Her caring, relatable, practical speaking style, seasoned with dry humor, delivers important messages that are memorable and instantly actionable. Her audiences are inspired to improve themselves and motivated to take the actions necessary to do so.

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Signature Presentation

The Total Package: 5 Keys to a Profitable Personal Brand

What is a personal brand and do I really need one? Absolutely, because as an entrepreneur your brand IS personal. How you’re perceived can be a powerful business asset or leave your bottom line in the dust. Who you are at the depth of your worth is the crucial foundation to a distinct, aligned and strong brand identity.

Key Takeaways

  • Be memorable and interact effectively and confidently
  • Learn why branding yourself in the wrong sequence is leaving big $$ on the table
  • Identify your unique and compelling visual voice
  • Be known for your greatest worth and shorten the sales cycle
  • Learn the fundamentals of a charismatic online presence
JuliAnn Stitick Personal Brand Expert

“JuliAnn Stitick is a delightful and entertaining speaker who weaves in savvy marketing strategies while simultaneously connecting with the audience members in a way that lets them know she truly cares about them. Her presentation reveals how business owners and salespeople generate powerful results by taking a closer look at themselves and presenting a brand that more accurately depicts what they desire to communicate to their customers. I highly recommend her as a speaker at your next event!Tammy Stanley, Founder of The Tammy Stanley Sales Refinery

For more information about having JuliAnn speak at your event, please email clientcare@juliannstitick.com.