Why You Need A Personal Brand Refresh

Is it time for a personal brand refresh?

Are you bored with your personal brand? Have you pondered a total brand overhaul or simply wanted to make some minor updates to your brand presence? Does it seem like a huge undertaking?

There are countless reasons and methods for revitalizing your brand, but here are three motivations and simple actions to breathe new life into yours:

A Refresh Creates Curiosity

Since the cornerstone of a personal brand is you, it’s important to update your photograph every year. Your look, purpose, and relevance evolve each year and one of the most effective ways to reflect a dynamic personal brand is to invest in new photographs. It’s human nature when we notice a change in someone, we’re curious about why.  Curiosity makes humans want to discover and explore and posting new images to your web presence will generate interest and increase your clicks.  The more clicks the more sales!

My clients Steve and Jaime posted their new branding shots and were excited to report that people they’d known for years began to hire them. Their new images visually represented the growth in their business which garnered new interest and ultimately new clients.

Your Visual Voice is Stagnant

While your personal brand is made up of more than the visuals—color palette, logo, photographs—aesthetics do play a huge role in the development of a compelling personal brand. Succinctly, your brand’s visual voice should positively differentiate you from your competition. A succinct visual voice is a great way to begin a personal brand refresh.

21 years ago in true scrappy entrepreneurial style, my first logo was designed by a friend who offered to do it for $50. I was new in business and the price sounded good so I hired him. May I just say… my first logo actually looked like it belonged on the storefront of a grungy tattoo shop! At the time I was so hyper focused on getting my business up and running I made the mistake of sticking with a look that didn’t feel like ‘me’ for an entire year.

Between then and now, my logo has slowly evolved from that tattoo shop to a simple, timeless, memorable, elegant watermark appropriate to my target audience and me!

A new logo doesn’t mean a total brand overhaul. It can be subtle, yet powerful modifications that keep the look current and relevant.

Your Content Hasn’t Matured as Your Business Has

One of the quickest and most effective ways to refresh an evolved brand is to shift gears with your content. A personal brand refresh will help you refocus your content to align with your current message.

The seed of my career in personal branding began as an image consultant and has grown and expanded to a powerful and unique blend of branding, image consulting, and finally personal development.

Five years ago I was frustrated that I was, first and foremost, being seen as a stylist when that element was just one of my areas of expertise. I knew I needed to make a change when my clients began to tell me how much more I was delivering beyond what they thought they’d get when they hired me. My business coach told me the quickest way to shift that perception was to change my written content.

After a quick 30 days, potential clients were requesting my entire scope of services, rather than just the one.  a BIG win!!

Updating your personal branding photographs will garner attention.

Creating a logo that represents the success you want in 5 years will accelerate your growth. Elevating your game with your written content will change the perception others have of you and your services.

What are some ways you’ll refresh your personal brand?

Would you like a great place to start on your personal brand refresh?  My popular Total Brand Program will help you get started on all of the aspects of a personal brand refresh — AND — it’s easy to do, online, in my self-guided program.  My client, Carmen, completed the program and it immediately helped her attract her right fit clients!

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