Is your personal brand generating sales?

My personal brand is my strongest asset. I was recently asked what I attributed my success to. My quick response was, “I take great care of my clients, work hard, surround myself with awesome people, and persevere when things get tough.”

Later, as I reflected on my answer, I realized that it was incomplete. What I had not mentioned were the personal brand strategies that ultimately led to the profits.

Here are three personal brand strategies that will lead to more sales:

Get Noticed– Never underestimate the power of your image. Confidently dressing like the leader and expert you are will attract the attention of others.

They’ll be curious about who you are and remember…. like attracts like. Look the part of a leader/expert and you’ll attract the same to your business.

I was riding the DOWN escalator, heading to the Starbucks on the lower level of the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas. A beautiful blonde woman followed me onto the escalator and tapped my shoulder.

Her exact words were, “I’m not sure who you are, but you really stand out at this conference.” I smiled, thanked her, and we introduced ourselves. We went on to have a 20-minute discussion about business and our favorite dress designers (but of course).

Here’s the back story… There were approximately 1,000 women in attendance- at times milling around the exhibitor tables and then, into the main stage conference hall to listen to the keynote speakers.

As usual, I made a point to dress in my signature bright colors with statement piece accessories. Here’s the best part… the woman on the escalator was the main stage keynote speaker and had built a $50 million dollar business.  At the beginning of the conference, I had made it my goal to meet her.  BINGO!

Yes, it’s important for me to look the part as it is a reflection of my brand, but it’s equally important for you.

Don’t be afraid to dress a step-up from the norm. It will get you noticed!! If you want my tips for dressing like a leader, take a look at my post Look Like a Leader – 5 Wardrobe Tips.

Quick Inspiration: Picture you at your ultimate potential, then choose the outfits she would wear!

Value yourself first and your personal brand will be clear.

Value Yourself– What? How does valuing yourself attract clients? The crucial foundation of a great image is self-care.

No doubt you’ve met someone who’s well put together, but you can tell they’re unhealthy, stressed, tired and unhappy. What they have is a misaligned image, one that’s only skin deep. Successful personal image development requires a holistic approach.

Your sense of self and self-care are foundational to a great personal image. As women, we are taking care of everyone else and forgetting about ourselves. Then, when we do take “me” time, we feel guilty (or is it just me? I’m still a work in progress).

A routine of nutrition, exercise, sleep and quiet time are what help us to be grounded, vibrant and successful women.

When you take care of yourself you’re valuing yourself. When you value yourself, it shows. You’ll be more apt to value your products and services and confidently charge what you’re worth.

Quick Inspiration: The feelings follow the actions. When you take the self-care actions that value your well-being, you’ll begin to feel that value and taking the actions will eventually get easier.

Would you like to turn Clicks into Customers?

Turn Clicks into Customers– One personal brand essential is a spectacular headshot for your web presence. In today’s digital age, the consumer has a sophisticated eye and can spot high-quality images. Those images will lead to the quality of clients you want.

A client of mine was researching a social media expert and asked me to do the same. His area of expertise was teaching professionals how to make a great impression on their social platforms.

When I visited his FB page I was greeted with a profile picture of him with his arm around a buddy, holding a beer bottle. What he was claiming he did, he was not demonstrating.

It was a complete credibility disconnect. Here’s the sad part. He may well have been good at his craft, but I could not get past the visual voice he spoke.

On the flip-side when I’m greeted with a high-quality headshot that captures the essence of its subject, it compels me to click on and learn more.

Your profile picture should be a high-quality, professional, close-up, eye-contact, headshot so your audience can look you in the eye.  It’s a first impression opportunity to represent the very best of you and your expertise through a visual element.

Not all photographers are created equal!  Hiring the best will clearly reflect in your photographs and ultimately your overall brand presence.

Hiring a high-level photographer is worth the investment in yourself and your success.  Once you’ve hired her/him, fully trust the process.  It’s one thing to make the financial investment, but another altogether to TRUST that (s)he is truly able to see the full potential of your visual voice.

Your visual voice is your personal brand calling card.

When I work with my The Total Package clients, my photographer and I play a key role in choosing the images my customers use.  My photographer and director of marketing choose mine.

When you turn clicks into customers your bottom line will thank you.

If you’d like more tips for getting a great headshot, read my post- 3 Elements of a Fantastic Profile Picture.

Quick Inspiration: Tap into your WHY when you look into the camera and your heart will shine through your eyes and smile.

Never underestimate the power of your personal brand in attracting attention, showing others you value yourself (and in turn, them).  It will also keep your digital visitors on your site longer and studies prove beyond a doubt that it will generate more sales!!

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