Are You Attracting Clients?

I know you hear it from me all of the time – your personal brand is the key to attracting and converting your ideal customer. But what happens when you think you have created a solid personal brand but customers aren’t flocking to you?

In this post, I will outline some of the most valuable tips to building a strong personal brand. I’m going to share with you exactly what I share with my happy clients.

Step One: You have to know who you are and what you stand for.

In my best-selling book, The Total Package: Own Your Profitable Personal Brand, one of the first exercises is to help the reader define their values.

When you know what your top 5 values are, you can begin to integrate that into all that you do. What you value and how you communicate that is a key attraction factor.

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Clients today are drawn to more than just a product or service that solves a problem. Today, people need to feel good about who they are doing business with and by outlining your core values and communicating that in your brand message, you will attract clients and collaborators who are aligned with your values.

Right-fit clients are the best clients to work with!

Step Two: You have to know who your right-fit clients are.

The obvious first step in building your personal brand starts with YOU. The second step is to focus on your customer. Who do you want to work with? What problem do you solve? What change can you bring to your customer?

The goal of identifying your right-fit customer is to speak their language better. When you are creating your personal brand message, you are talking to real people, with real needs, desires, and goals.

When you outline your ideal customer’s avatar and define their needs, and you create your personal brand message to meet those needs, you will attract those right-fit clients.

Step Three: You have to know what change you bring to the table.

It is all fine well and good to create a good product or service, but if you can’t define what change is taking place for the customer, you don’t know how to solve your customer’s problems.

Here’s a great exercise in identifying how your product or service changes your customer:

Describe everything you can about what your customer’s life is like before they buy from you. Be specific to the problem that you solve.

Example: if you sell skin care products – before buying from you, your customer feels like she needs help with improving the texture of her skin. She feels like she looks older than she should and that makes her feel less confident personally and professionally. She doesn’t like the uneven skin tone that has been created by years of sun damage, and she really doesn’t like having to wear foundation to cover it up every day.

After she buys your skincare product, she feels confident, proud and attractive. She loves how her skin feels and brags about not having to wear foundation. She feels younger, likes the way she looks and shares how you have helped her get back to what is important to her.

The key is to answer the following:

  • How does your customer feel before/during/after using your product/service?
  • What change does your product/service provide?

When you can define how your customer’s life has changed both practically and emotionally, you can speak to those needs and changes in your personal brand message.

The bottom line is this: define what you stand for, believe in and support and use that to create synergy with your audience. Customers today are looking for more than just a product that works. They want to feel good about what they buy and who they buy it from. Your personal brand can help them connect to you through more than a list of benefits and features, and that is what will set you apart from the competition.

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