When you are unorganized, you will find yourself spending precious time and energy on things that don’t matter.  Time that would be better spent focused on self-care and living a more fulfilled life.  It’s time to explore some better outlets for all of that wasted energy by getting organized and becoming more productive.

Make Checklists

I’m known as the “Queen of Checklists” because I have found it’s a perfect way to keep my life on track and in order!  Our lives are filled with things that need to get done, and the busier you become, the easier it is to overlook something important.  Checklists can help you manage each aspect of every outstanding task along with helping you remember everything you need to get done in your daily routine.

Create a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals can help keep you from stumbling aimlessly about your day.  These rituals result in being more organized and productive, too.  Your ritual should be personalized according to what motivates you, but having a solid, predictable way to start every day will make everything else flow together more effortlessly.  You may consider meditating, setting your goals for the day, remembering what you are grateful for, or making your bed.  Keep this quiet time for yourself and never turn on the TV or check your phone or emails, but instead focus on your energy, peace and well-being.

Downsize and Declutter

There is no point in spending time or energy organizing things you no longer need or want.   More stuff means more clutter, and clutter leads to unnecessary stress!   Periodically purging excess belongings can feel very freeing, and it can also prevent clutter from building up over time.  Truly organized women will fit this into their schedule on a regular basis as a way to keep everything in its place and only hang on to truly important items.

These techniques might take some time to get used to and are not always easy to master, but stick to it and you will be so happy that you did.  Change is never easy, but keep believing in yourself and remember that you are worth it!


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