We spend quality time in our offices so why not create an environment that feels great to all of your senses?  I am constantly looking for new ways to make my office a place I can enjoy while we connect, strategize, create, laugh, cry, build and execute!  Two years ago I decided to bring spa elements into my office environment and it has boosted my creativity and sales, not to mention making it a great environment for my team, too.  You can create a spa-like atmosphere in your office when you use your 5 senses to bring the spa to your workplace.

Here are 5 ways I have created a Spa Like Environment by using my 5 senses:


What do you see when you walk into your office?  Does looking at it make you happy or stressed? Quite possibly you see clutter that distracts you from the task you want to be focusing on.  Clear your space. Ask your assistant, friend or family member to help you!! Make it a fun process with great music. And speaking of music…


What do you hear when you are in you office?  Is it pleasing to the ear? Listen to music and amp your creative juices.  Maybe you need to hyper-focus on a task and you’d rather listen to nature or white noise like I do.  Think spa sounds and you’ll find something that is just right for you.


The next time you walk into your office take a big sniff.  What do you smell? Is it calming and pleasant, or does your space need a good cleaning with natural cleaning products?  I love diffusing essential oils and do so 24/7. Yep. Lavender and Sage for calming and Peppermint, Pettigrain or Lemon for a pick me up.


What does your office feel like? Need to spruce up your space and create a little spa-like comfort? Add little design touches like inspirational quotes and elements of nature to keep it feeling positive. Keep color top of mind and choose hues that will create a spa-like atmosphere.

BONUS: What does your chair feel like?  You’ve no doubt heard that sitting is the new smoking, so if you must sit make sure your chair is best for YOUR body.  Keep your team comfy and healthy with a chair specifically for them, too.  Take it up a notch and invest in a standing desk so you have the option of sitting or standing.


What are you tasting while you’re hanging out at the office?  Keep some fresh fruit infused water (I love sparkling) on hand. Consider keeping raw nuts, CHOCOLATE, fruits, veggies, proteins, and green juices on hand. Think of the types of foods that would be served at a spa. Healthy, healthy, healthy. You’ll be more alert, have more stamina and be eating food that is fueling your brain and body.  It’s great for your personal brand because people are naturally attracted to healthy people.

You can bring a spa into your workspace simply by tapping into your senses and choosing what makes YOU feel spa-like.  Is it time to take a fresh look at your workspace and spa’ize it? No doubt this has stimulated some ideas in you.  What are they?