About JuliAnn

JuliAnn Stitick is a leading expert in personal brand and image development for entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives. For the last 20 years, JuliAnn has helped powerful, successful people navigate the fine balance of personal brand and image to accelerate their business success. Her connoisseur level of expertise is crucial to luxury brands and professionals who bring their A-game to every aspect of business. JuliAnn is a trusted advisor for top level entrepreneurs globally and organizations crossing every industry, from The Oscars to Lexus, The Golden Globes to Disney and Nordstrom to Kaiser Permanente. It doesn’t matter if JuliAnn is working privately with her clients or leading a keynote for a business conference, JuliAnn’s strategic approach, coupled with the proven ability to reflect the individuality and best of each client, transforms lives and paychecks. Her involvement with The Salvation Army, Girl Scouts of America, and youth groups allows her the opportunity to mentor young women into the workforce.

One Step to Looking Great All Week w/o Wasting Time In Your Closet

Education and experience are important, but a polished image also weighs very heavily in creating a successful first impression. How you act, look and speak are often the most important in that one-tenth of a second it takes for someone to make a judgment about

4 Personal Brand Tips Successful Professionals Know

Personal branding is an essential part of successful entrepreneurship. In many professional circles, people think personal brand (PB) is strictly about the appearance of an individual or the image. While image is a key component to a powerful brand, many are missing the mark by

How to Define Your Personal Brand

The first step in developing your personal brand identity is to clearly define who you are. Once you understand who you are as an individual, then the brand will flow from there. Of course, you have your own personal journey and you are dynamic and

Four Letter Words Have No Place in Business

Ten of us were standing in a cluster at a networking conference, and it was time to do the structured interactive exercise. Each of us had 5 minutes to describe our business, target market and ask for something specific from the group. The fourth to

10 Ways to Boost Your Professional Reputation

In our uber-connected world the opinion of others plays a major role in shaping the future of your success. Your professional reputation follows you everywhere and influences how people perceive you, judge your abilities and ultimately transact business. It takes years to develop a great

5 Keys to a Profitable Personal Brand: Key 1- A Strong Foundation

A personal brand is the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. A well-executed personal brand is strong, consistent and specific. It encompasses all of the fine details which address the first impression to the follow up and beyond. Personal branding is

Your Lasting First Impression- 5 Strategies to Make Yours Unforgettable

Last summer I attended a national women’s conference with distinguished speakers, one of whom is a multi-billion dollar business owner and coach. In typical style I was dressed to impress, carrying myself with confidence, listening with intent and warmly smiling at everyone I met. The

7 Strategies to Powerfully Position Your Personal Brand

Before you create the logo, the book cover or the website, it’s important to have clarity about who you are, what you stand for, what your purpose is and what problem you solve for your clients. It’s imperative to understand the desires and needs of

Your Fall Closet Makeover

Today was the first day it actually felt like fall in California- YES!! It was time to pull out the boots. The leaves are turning ????, the weather cooling and the holidays are right around the corner.  I simply cannot believe we are ready to

5 Personal Image Mistakes- And How to Avoid Them Forever

Does your personal image instantly attract attention or does it blend into the background? Do you wear your power colors or even know what they are? Do you compare your look to others and wonder why they always have it together? As a seasoned personal brand and