Do you climb out of bed every morning and dive right into the busyness of life?  Do you skip self-care and grab your phone or immediately dive into work or chores around your house? Do you feel rushed before your day even starts?

That can be exhausting!  I know! When I realized that I was losing my center before may day even started, I developed 8 Success Habits that I do before I even pick up my smart phone.

Taking care of you (the whole you), before you jump onto work emails, social media posts, and phone calls, will set the tone for your day – a day lived by intention and from a place of self-love.

By creating a reasonable schedule in my work-life, I now know that I have at least I have two hours to accomplish my morning self-care routine.  I don’t skip ‘me’ in the morning anymore.

I want you to stop skipping ‘you’, too.

8 Daily Success Habits to Accomplish Before You Check Your Cell Phone

Here are 8 Things I Do Daily Before I Check My Cell Phone

  1. Make your Bed. Think of making your bed as a success habit.  You have accomplished your first task of the day, and that sets the tone for a day full of accomplishments. Bravo!
  2. Drink 16 ounces of Water. I add a little fresh lemon juice to cleanse the blood and a drop of Frankincense essential oil to reduce inflammation and calm my spirit.
  3. Kickstart your Nutrition. I start with a nutrition-dense shake and a personalized supplement plan.  Your meal plan should be whatever works for you.  If you really want a challenge, eat sitting down and not standing at the sink. 🙂
  4. Incorporate movement. It could include a little yoga, ten minutes of stretching, or (if you’re like me) dancing!  The trick is find something you love to do.
  5. Turn on music that inspires you. Play music that makes you feel alive.  Crank it up a little or a lot. (This is when I dance!)
  6. Make time for prayer and meditation. This is the time you get to take a deep breath, quiet your mind, and be intentional about how you will choose to live your day.  I do a ten-minute guided meditation followed by prayer, and then I choose a word for the day – like kindness, generosity, or beauty.
  7. Create a wall journal. On a poster-sized PostIt, list five things daily (to begin with) you like or appreciate about yourself.  This can become a challenge after a while.  I’ve been doing it quite a while now, and I am lucky if I come up with one or two daily.  One came to mind while I was in the shower, and I actually got out of the shower to add it to my wall journal.  I didn’t want to forget. 🙂
  8. Love your image. Take time to step into an outfit you feel great about!  If you don’t have one, it’s time to treat yourself to a shopping trip even if you are just adding one piece.  Style your hair and makeup with the same care that you would for a special occasion.  When you walk out the door, you will hold your head higher and interact with people in a more confident and loving way!

So, are you ready to put your self-care first? Can you make a commitment to YOU so that your needs can be at the top of the list?  I know you can…but will you?

When you make your needs a priority and schedule a few basic activities to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy, you will see an improvement in how your day flows.

By practicing my 8 Success Habits you will begin to notice increased energy, a more positive mindset and you’ll be happier throughout the day.

Are you committed to incorporating some or all of these Success Habits?  If so, take your first step by making your commitment in the comments below!

JuliAnn Stitick Daily Success Habits Tracker