When I was a little girl, I loved to dress up like a princess.  You may have, too.  It seems as though I’ve always loved a sense of royalty and the extra care that goes into the fine details of being regal, powerful, smart, and my favorite, a lady.  When I finally let go of the need to fit into a corporate box with my image, I allowed myself to become whimsical and feminine.  I explored all the things that made me feel like a woman and discovered that focusing on those things has changed how I feel about myself. After pondering the characteristics of regal women, I have come up with these four ways to carry yourself with more confidence.


It all begins with thinking about yourself as a royal.  You can be your own version of Queen Elizabeth, Sheba, Mary Mother of Jesus, Mother Earth, an Amazon Warrior Princess…  you fill in the blank.  Think of her, think like her, be bold, and willing and lead women in your own unique way.  When you think of yourself as the sovereign of your purpose, you will begin to take actions like her!!

Non-Verbal Language

Now, it’s time to stand up tall, walk with grace and sit with elegance.  Here’s what I do.  Before I leave the house for the day, or step on stage, or head out the door for dinner on the town, I stand tall in front of my full-length mirror.  I lengthen my spine like pearls from the earth to the heavens.  I lengthen my hip flexors, roll my shoulders into my back pockets, visualize the crown of my head being pulled up by a string, and last but not least, open heart my heart to give and receive.  This is not always easy for me because I can be a bit clumsy and let’s face it… we all have days we want to hide.  So, I’ve studied my royal icon, Princess Diana, to model how she would glide through a room, sit in a chair, and step in and out of a car.


Ok, here’s where we get to have some real fun.  You know you want to.  Don’t be afraid to glow ladies.  Every detail matters: from my all-time favorite makeup down to the color of my toenails.  When we begin to care for ourselves as a royal might, it elevates how you value yourself and boosts your confidence.  What to wear?  Whatever makes YOU feel like the “regal you” — bling, lace, silk, leather, fringe, flowers, studs.  It’s up to you!


Speak like the royal leader you are.  Speak clearly and kindly about what you believe in and stand for.  Be kind with your words to yourself and about others.  Allow your passion to be spurred because you believe in your purpose.  Be clear with your context, boundaries, and values.  Stick to the positive.  Be that woman who is known for “never having a bad thing to say about another.”  Speak love into yourself so the nurturer becomes the nurtured.  Our words matter.

When you stick to these practices on a regular basis you will begin to revere yourself in a new and organic way, built from the ground up with self-love as the foundation.  It just doesn’t get any more powerful than that.  You are beautiful and worthy, no matter how you feel right now or what you are going through.  Shine on my dear, royal sister.