Does attending a networking event make you nervous?  Do you feel like everyone else is confident, and you are not showing up the way you think you should?  Fear not!  I have struggled with self-confidence my entire life and, as a result, developed simple strategies to not only feel self assured, but help me build a business actually teaching women how to be the most fantastic version of who they are. Take a look at these simple steps to boost your confidence in 24 hours:

Be Present

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who made you feel like you were the only person in the room?  I certainly have, and those people made lasting impressions of focused and confident people.  When you focus on one conversation (or any action) at a time, you will feel more confident because you are not scattered.  You will appear more confident because you will be making a meaningful connection with another, and that will make both of you feel great!


Smiling elevates your mood and is proven to make you feel more confident.  When you smile you release increased levels of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.  When these chemicals surge you are more likely to make others feel more confident, too.  Not only does it make you feel better, it can even make you a better leader.  As an expert or leader smiling, may be a key to continued success.  Research from The University of Montpellier discovered that smiling is a more effective leadership technique than having great management skills.

Make Eye Contact

According to Lillian Glass, a body-language expert and author of “The Body Language Advantage,” strong eye contact is the single greatest indicator of confidence.

“Confident people are always looking up, never down at the table, the ground, or their feet,” Glass says. “Whether in conversation or just walking in the office hallway, they’re looking at other people. They’re engaging them through their eye contact.”

Stand Up Straight

I may sound like your mother here, but the benefits of great posture extend beyond looking great.  Research strongly suggests when we are holding a powerful posture we believe in ourselves more and our mood is elevated!  We also take bolder actions and that translates to new and exciting opportunities that will grow your bottom line.

You may read these and think, “I already know that!”, but you may not be taking the actions to implement these steps on a consistent basis.  Get into action now and you’ll reap the confidence rewards right away!!

If you are LOVING these tips and want even more confidence,  grab a free copy of my new book Step Into Your Power, a step-by-step strategy guide to maximum results at your next conference, event or networking opportunity!

You have a big message and mission to share with the world, and only when you feel your most confident will that message be able to shine bright enough to attraction the attention it deserves.  Here’s to YOU being more confident and reaching for your goals!