Have you ever met someone who looked nothing like the picture on her website or social media presence? Was her picture too posed?  Was it outdated?  Did it reflect the truth of how she shows up in person? I know you’ve seen it and I know there is a feeling of disconnect.  That disconnect may be costing her clients in the long run. A huge compliment my clients receive over and over is… “I recognized you instantly and you’re exactly like I thought you’d be!”  Here’s why this is so important; when people immediately connect with you, it cuts through the proverbial small talk and into a relationship that may end up being your next client.  Here are 3 power tips to up leveling your profile picture.

3 Elements of a Fantastic Profile Picture

Hire a Professional

Your profile pictures should be high-quality, professional, close-up, eye-contact headshots so your audience can look you in the eye.  It’s a first impression opportunity to represent the very best of you and your expertise through a visual element.  Not all photographers are created equal!  Hiring the best will clearly reflect in your photographs and ultimately your overall brand presence. Hiring a high-level photographer is worth the investment in yourself and your success.  Once you’ve hired her/him, fully trust the process.  It’s one thing to make the $$ investment, but another altogether to TRUST that (s)he is truly able to see the full potential of your visual voice.  When I work with my Total Package clients, my photographer and I play a key role in choosing the images my customers use.  My photographer and director of marketing choose mine!

Keep it Current

One of the benefits of an aligned, authentic, and current digital representation is when people meet you they will feel like they already know you. I was attending an annual conference last summer and during one session a woman (I didn’t know yet) sent me a Facebook message asking to meet for coffee during the break.  She heard about me from a mutual friend and had been observing me online to see if I might be a fit to speak for two conferences the following year.  I spent a few minutes perusing her online presence before our live meeting and was able to quickly ascertain she was someone I should get to know. We instantly recognized each other because our profile pictures were current. Also, each of us had a true prior impression of what the other person was like and were able to connect quickly face-to-face. I inked the speaking gigs within 15 minutes over coffee– definitely a record! Had our pictures been outdated or digitally enhanced to the extreme, our connection would not have been as quick and powerful.

Wear Your Signature Color

Do you know your best colors yet?  If not, it’s time to learn them! A quick solution is to download my Color Rx mobile app which is a virtual color consultation and color palette all in one.  What colors do you get complimented on the most?  That’s a fantastic way to determine what to wear.  From the 30,000 foot view, it’s best to brand yourself in colors that flatter you.  If you think about it, you’re surrounded by them all the time!  Choosing a signature color is also a way to create a consistent visual voice for your brand. On a more personal note, wearing your best colors makes you look younger (do I need to stop there??), your eye color pops, your teeth look whiter and you appear more vibrant and healthy!

Is it time for you to update your profile picture?  If so, pull out your phone and connect with your favorite photographer today!  If you need a referral to one, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to connect you with my trusted experts!