Purpose-driven brands like Dove, Tesla and Tom’s have always held a mainstay of market share because they are more than just brands.  They are purpose-driven brands.  A purpose-driven brand is one that is focused, first and foremost, on something bigger than itself.  Something that contributes to the world and makes a major impact.  But purpose-driven brands apply to more than just major brands.  Purpose has now become a solid foundation of successful personal brands, too.

Often, business owners shy away from the personal and purpose-side of themselves as it’s expressed in their branding and have, quite literally, separated themselves from their customers by removing the personal touch. It’s essential for customers to feel the visceral emotion of the brand experience in order for it to be magnetic, but how do you express that?

Here are 3 ways to boost your purpose-driven personal brand:

Know What You Stand For and Stand For It

You may feel a sense of insecurity when you hear that but stick with me… You have been gifted with a purpose and the strengths, passions, mindset, and experiences to achieve it.  The unique blend of who you are has equipped you, and only you, to achieve that mission. As business owners, it is our responsibility to stand tall with our beliefs because we have been entrusted with them. You will find more meaning in your work and attract loyal customers. They will come because they believe in your mission and your brand. It has been shown they will even pay more for your products and services if they are inspired by your mission.  Plain and simple.

Get Laser Focused on Your Target Market

Get to know the hopes and dreams of your target market.  Find out what their pain points, hurts, and habits are.  Get into their heads. Find out what really makes them tick, beyond their purchasing habits. Leverage your existing customers by asking them open-ended questions that will illuminate their needs.  I take that a step further and have my prospective clients complete a detailed questionnaire asking things like; what would you do if you had an entire day off alone?  This will give you a clear picture of their passions and interests.  Another great question is; based on what you know about our services (or products), how do you believe we can help you?  Their answer to this question will tell you exactly what you need to focus on to transact business with them.

When you clearly understand what they desire you can communicate with them on a more personal level and that will build instant trust and credibility. They will know you care.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Visual Voice

What type of visual impression do your customers see in every aspect of your presence? Everything from your image to the way your brand is presented at your exhibitor booth. Do your images need updating? Possibly it’s time to schedule a personal brand photo shoot and take a hard look at the b-roll images you’re using in your marketing. Do your brand assets like banners and business cards need a refresh?  Take screenshots or snap shots of all of your brand assets and post them in one place. Is there a theme? Do you see cohesiveness or does it look like a mismatched patchwork quilt? If so, reach out to your graphic designer, marketing team, and photographer so you can freshen things up a little.

When you update your branding it draws attention to your purpose-driven brand in a whole new light.

When you stand in your values and beliefs as the foundation of your brand and get deep into the head of your target market, every way you articulate your brand will become more laser-focused and more effective. Then, you can amplify your purpose through your visual voice so you can reach more people and rapidly increase your market share.

Let me know what you think, share your ideas, ask questions. Make conversation.