Is your image advancing your career or holding you back? Your presence influences your customer just like a marketing campaign can attract or repel. Dressing the part of a powerful woman commands an authoritative presence and is crucial to achieving the ultimate success you want.

The best part, it’s not complicated. Zero in on these three basic elements;

1.  Monochromatic color is classy, feminine and exudes confidence and professionalism.

2.  Simple silhouettes.  See how the clothing lines in the images above are no-nonsense, flattering and don’t overpower the woman wearing it.

3.  Tailor made.  Fit is an element so often forgotten. Whether you buy your clothes at Target or Neiman’s be sure the fit is right.  Your tailor is your friend.

Implementing these secrets is easy and will have you attracting all the business you WANT! Showing up polished moves you more quickly from the interaction to the transaction.