Organized Shopper- save on your favorite fashions!

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Whewwwhewwww! This is a fun one! An organized shopper is a happy shopper (and she saves money)!

1. Set your clothing budget (in writing) BEFORE you get to the register! Like before you leave the house!

2. Prioritize what you need (in writing on the same page you set your budget)!  Avoid impulse purchases you may later regret.

3. Familiarize yourself on return policies BEFORE you make your purchases.

4. Save your receipts!! I know it sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many women don’t!

5. Create separate envelopes or file folders for your favorite stores and keep the corresponding receipts in them.

6. Keep the tags on your clothing until you decide to wear it. Often times women will take all of the tags off first, don’t end up wearing the item, then can’t return it. Frustrating and a waste of money!

7.  When you do take the tags off, staple them to the corresponding receipt for easy returns!

BONUS! If you don’t need the item immediately, take down the style number, size and color and search for it on the internet. 9 times out of 10 I am able to find it for a better price online because I have Googled the item and found it at an online store. Then I Google for coupon codes for that store and … YESSSSS a savings! Let me give you an example: I found some shoes I loved at Nine West. I came home and found them online at Macy’s. I Googled “coupon codes Macy’s” and ended up getting 20% off, plus free shipping. It pays to do your research (and be patient, I know, I know… :) !)

Take those pens out and set that budget, prioritize, research and look mahvelous dahling!

We girls need to stick together…

What are your organized shopping and money saving tips?

10 Responses to Organized Shopper- save on your favorite fashions!

  1. Debe Bloom says:

    These are great tips… I do alot of impulse buying—I head to the store knowing what I’m after, but somehow other items follow me to the register. Writing down what I need and my budget is going to give me the visual I need to take shopping with me…Thanks!

    • JuliAnn says:

      Thanks Debe! I like the visual of me in a little thought bubble following you around the store. If you ever have any questions while shopping you are free to text pictures or call me!

  2. My organized tips are only take the credit card that I will be using. If I include too many, I go off budget. I also redeem my credit card points for gift cards. I just got a $150 gift card from American Express! Another tip, try on everything – it wastes time NOT to because if you have to return it, you might end up spending more or being tempted to add additional pieces you don’t need. Lists are good, and saving receipts an excellent idea!

    Laurie Hurley
    Be An Educator, Not An Enabler

    • JuliAnn says:

      I am giggling about you going off budget… not that you would EVER do that! I must redeem some points now! I love that idea. Yes… we do love lists and other organizational stuff, don’t we?

  3. Barbara Cohen says:

    Here’s another tip: Staple your extra buttons or thread provided with the clothing item to the hang tag. Make a note about the item so you’ll recognize it if you have to replace or repair the item. Keep all these spares in a zip lock bag where you’ll find them.

    • JuliAnn says:

      I LOVE it! That is a great idea. I had another method for storing extra buttons, but I like your much better. It is sooooo funny, I was thinking of you yesterday morning and BOOM, I get two comments from you. Appreciate you!

  4. Barbara Cohen says:

    My absolute favorite pantie so far is from the Ex Officio travel wear manufacturer. They’re terrific! Soft, comfy, wash & hang dry in the hotel room – you’re good to go the next morning. We’re traveling to Europe next month for 12 days and I’m taking 3 pair for the entire trip. No need for more. I bought the bikini style.
    Great product for everyday wear, too.

  5. Ronda Fisher says:

    I love your tips, JuliAnn!! Keep them coming!! Thanks!

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