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 Just Say THANK YOU!!

I love people and exploring what makes them tick.  In my 20+ years in image, it is a rare moment that when I pay a genuine compliment to someone, they accept it wholeheartedly.  Normally I get responses like, “Really?  I guess I must be having a good hair day.”   Or, my favorite, “It’s only because I’m wearing one of my colors.”  You fill in the blank for you? The common thread is that the response is non-acceptance of the compliment.  It simply identifies the reason I gave it to them.


Are you guilty of it?  I am (at times) and have to be conscious of my responses because they tap into how I’m feeling about JuliAnn at the moment.  Are my dark roots showing? :)   Is there something I’m upset about?  Do I need to take some down time?  Quiet time? Possibly it goes even deeper and I’m not able to trust the kind words or think I’m worthy of them.  Does this resonate?

When working with clients or speaking at events I BOLDLY DARE women to accept accolades as you would a gift.  It’s called the Just Say THANK YOU Challenge.  When someone praises you it’s like they’ve given you a beautifully wrapped present.  When you don’t graciously accept the compliment it’s like you’ve taken their gift and put it on the shelf unopened.  Doesn’t it honor them to accept it?  Doesn’t it honor YOU?  I know it makes me feel better to have an attitude of acceptance and ultimately self love and I’m confident it will help shift you, too.



Why do YOU think it’s so hard to accept compliments?


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Gift_Giving_Tips“She’s always so tough to buy for. She has everything. I really want to get her something special.” Do you have a friend/family member you feel that way about? I do.  I love the challenge of finding unique gifts, but it can be tough at times. Unique and thoughtful goodies make a woman feel special and if you’re doing a white elephant gift exchange, these are the ones those ladies will fight over!

My Top 5 Hot Holiday Gift Picks are all things that a woman may not treat herself to, but you can!

usb_aroma_diffuser_1024x1024USB Essential Oil Diffuser- Plug it into a USB port on your computer or in your car, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and the aroma will fill your room or car. Great for travel, too. $23


150-1Best of Oat Milk Gift Set- This stuff smells amazing! Its one of my favorite treats. Deeply moisturizing with a lovely soft fragrance of milky clean. $20



gold-tassle_300Tassel Key Chain- A pretty leather detail to dress up the mundane (i.e. driving carpool… unlocking your office… finding your keys after searching for 5 minutes…). Lots of colors. $30



 initial-compact_300Initial Compact- For the woman who claims she has it all, this personalized compact will be a necessary addition to her purse. So cute!! $38



image_resize.phpScented Eye Pillow- Relax and unwind, anywhere, anytime with DreamTime’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask. This luxurious Sleep Mask completely blocks out the light, while lavender flowers are sprinkled inside to provide an aura of comfort and calm. I LOVE mine for naps! $15

Have fun with these and, by all means, share your favorites, too!! 

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Imagine you’re on a girls weekend away.  You’re crowded in front of the hotel vanity mirror, sharing makeup and dishing about your favorites.

May I join in the party?  As an image expert, I consult with my clients about poise, wardrobe, presentation, hair AND makeup. Makeup is always a hot topic and as I AM one of the girls… I wanted to open my makeup bag and share some of my favorites with you!!  Click here :) .

I opened my bag.  Will you open yours and share some of your favorites with us?

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what_to_wear-621x351Your husband? Boss? Girlfriends? Audience?  The right answer is YOU!!  It breaks my heart to see women who are unsure about what to wear because they think they need to dress for a role.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you wear a leather skirt and your rocker boots for a conservative business meeting.  What I am saying is free yourself from the ‘shoulds’ AND be thoughtful about your audience.  There is definitely common ground to be found.

Recently I spoke at a women’s conference in Boston.  As usual, I highlight color as the most powerful element in your wardrobe.  On the final day of the conference, a beautiful woman (originally from India) approached me wearing a bright green ruffled jacket.  She thanked me for inspiring her to embrace color again.  When she moved to the US and went to work for corporate, she felt she needed to wear subdued colors.  I congratulated her for honoring her heritage and dressing in a fashion true to her!  Her smile was contagious and she looked gorgeous.

At a recent Transformational Style One Day, one of the guests said she wanted to embrace more of her artistic side, but that her audiences were very conservative.  The truth is, when we express our style authentically, we more easily attract our peeps.  At first, she was a bit hesitant, but the more I encouraged her and she saw the logic – there was a sense of ‘exhale’.  All she has to do is be herself.  She’ll be more confident, aligned, credible and comfortable.  She’s already got the beautiful thing going on!

Are you dressing in alignment with YOU or are you dressing a ‘part’?  Tomorrow, I challenge you to choose clothes that suit YOU, not a role.  Bet you’ll feel fabulous!

Tell us one small way your wardrobe can take back your culture or express who YOU are?

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DMAE-Fountain-of-Youth-1024x872When I grow up I want to be an old woman. An old, old, old, old woman! That jingle is in one of my favorite television commercials. It reminds me that although gravity may become a serious concern to some of our body parts, there is a beauty in a mature woman that matches no other. All I have to do is look at my mother and pictures of my grandmother to see true beauty.

Having said that… there are some things I will valiantly fight all the way!!! I intend to be a woman who ages gracefully and keeps the “kick” in her look.

Here are some of my easy tips to freshen up your look and “kick” looking old!

Drink water, drink water, drink water- I know you hear that all the time, but in addition to all it does for you internally, it keeps your skin, hair, nails and eyes more youthful. I did an experiment and began consistently drinking a minimum of 64 oz. a day. I noticed that where my eyes were previously a little puffy in the morning, the puff was almost non-existent. Now my challenge is to be consistent. The problem is that I don’t really enjoy drinking plain water so now I add sliced cucumber, orange wedges or some mint leaves for fun.

Whiten your teeth. Nothing brings life to your face like a nice bright smile. Need I say more?  Princeton studies PROVE that a whiter smile makes you look sophisticated, friendly and successful.

Smile!!! Now that your teeth are whiter…In the same Princeton study referenced above, people who smiled often were thought to be younger and more attractive.  In a word SMILE and share a little love!

Our lips! Obvious lip liner is a no-no! The best look for youthful looking lips is a natural, well-blended lip liner shade with a swipe of a sheer lip gloss. My favorite gloss is Buxom. Find it at Sephora or ULTA.

Shape your eyebrows please! The eyebrow is the frame of your face. Picture a picture :) with no frame. A well shaped brow makes your eyes appear larger and more open.

Wear your reading glasses on a chain? We might as well be wearing a button that says “my eyes are not working so well anymore.” Ok, since I am now at the point where I am rethinking this particular rule, I’ve decided to rework it. After spending way too much time searching high and low for my glasses, here’s the altered, more practical version: If you MUST wear your glasses on a chain, make sure it a funky one!

Hoop earrings are the best! No matter your age, hoops give some bounce to your look! For those of you who have a more “subtle” look, it will be good to step out of the box a little. I’m all for steppin’ out and feeling sassy!

Now comes a touchy subject- Shoes. As our feet become wiser (mine included)- we get to the point that comfort is all that matters. Big mistake! While comfort is always first and foremost, there are many comfort shoe lines that make fashion forward looks. You would be surprised!  My first two picks are Impo and Paul Green.

Get a FUN handbag! Gone are the days of matching your bag and shoes. While it is still important that the colors compliment each other, try a bright color and see how many WOW’s you’ll get.

Exercise! People who are active have that youthful “glow” about them! My dad turned 79 last month and rides his bicycle every week. He just got a new driver’s license and the changes from his old license to new are- Hair color went from brown to gray/none, height went from 5’7” to 5’6”, but let me tell you… he looks absolutely great! Exercise, exercise, exercise.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What do YOU do to look and feel younger?

Be good to yourself and for heaven’s sake go drink some water!

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I LOVE dresses!  They’re simple.  Zip ‘em up, pair fun
accessories and you’re ready to go!

Check out these sassy trends!!

dresses-graphic-prints_headerGraphic Design:  These babies make a statement and modernize the classic silhouettes.
Go for black/white.  All the rage!

womens-beaded-sequin-dresses_headerGo Glam: Day or night, glitter is good!  Beaded, sequin dresses because every day is a special occasion and YES you can pair a denim jacket for a daytime look.

womens-workday-dresses_headerPower Play:  This season’s twist on color blocking with clean lines and precision
tailoring.  See how the lines will slim you?

womens-fit-flare-dresses_headerFlirty and Feminine: Claim your femininity in textured lace, light chiffon and more!

Which one is for you?  The better question is… which one isn’t?  Although very different there’s a place in your wardrobe for every mood.  Let us know below what YOUR pick is!

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stand-out-from-the-crowdWe’ve heard it over and over.  Don’t judge a book by its cover. It may be a nice saying, but the truth is, people DO judge you and your business based on the image you portray.  Your first impression happens in the blink of an eye.  Case in point.  I was attending a women’s conference where an esteemed speaker was about to present. She is an expert in her field–Expert with a capital “E”.  As the speaker took the stage, the woman sitting in front of me whispered to her seat partner, “I would NEVER work with someone who cared so little about her appearance.”  YIKES!  The speaker’s level of achievement that should have garnered her respect and influence could not overcome her lack of preparation, poise and polish.  Because of her mismatched, wrinkled clothing and unkempt hair she was missing a golden opportunity to communicate honor and respect for her audience.

By definition, image is the representation of the external form of a person or thing.  YOU are YOUR visual representation and an entry point to the storefront of your customer’s overall experience. One of my corporate clients expressed her appreciation this way, “Thanks to JuliAnn for inspiring our team.  She taught us that the ‘sum’ of our image is the ‘total’ of each individual employee’s.”  Whether you are in corporate or a solopreneur, it comes down to each individual taking personal responsibility for her image.


PREPARATIONPicture yourself as the person you ultimately aspire to be. Are people easily drawn to you?  Do people often ask for your advice?  Are you frequently offered positions of leadership?  Are you prepared for new opportunities should they arise?  Do you project a professionalism that portrays credibility, competence and ultimately success?

People are attracted to vibrant, well-balanced people.  So, having said that it follows that your image is not about how you see yourself.  It’s about how others perceive you.  And the foundation of your image begins with how you care for yourself– mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Are your daily personal practices in alignment with the person you aspire to be?  Are you taking pride in your wardrobe and grooming?  Can you imagine the number of customers you would attract simply by taking care of yourself?  Can you imagine the increased bottom line?

Your Success Style prepares you to consistently portray an image that others are attracted to.  More attractions, more prosperity.

POISE:  The graceful and elegant bearing of a person.  Who in modern times has better exemplified that than Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy?  Author Leticia Baldridge, former social secretary to Jacqueline Kennedy, points out in The New Complete Guide to Executive Manners, “It’s thinking about somebody other than yourself. It’s being aware of other people and helping them out and not doing anything to offend them and just being nice.”

I love the simplicity of it!  The philosophy of poise is about communicating from a place of great respect so you connect with your clients in a way that convinces them they are valued.  Application of this ‘golden rule’ to live events, correspondence, phone etiquette and social media will improve how others see you and your business.

Your Success Style will support you with practical imperatives that will reflect poise in all areas of your life.  Building your confidence and the confidence others have in you.

POLISH:  Polish is something finished, refined and elegant.  Is EVERYTHING that represents you polished and consistent: you, your marketing materials, your follow-up routine, your products and services, others who represent you?

So often business professionals, when branding themselves, spend time and resources on a website, pictures, videos and marketing materials and THEN reach out to me for Image Expertise.  The image comes FIRST and then the branding elements follow.  This is a point I WANT TO STRESS!  When you have clarity about your image, it carries forward into your branding process.  For example, knowing your best colors and incorporating them into your branding is key.  After all, you’re surrounded by those colors constantly.  Identifying and polishing your image is no longer just a luxury.  It’s a business investment that is also a luxury.  A win-win.

In a corporate environment, there are ways to integrate your company’s philosophy and branding into your personal style. Even weaving one of your company’s branding colors into your wardrobe adds an effective polish to your image.  Presenting an image that aligns with your company‘s principals will add the finishing touch that will make you shine.

Your Success Style polishes your image to reflect your individuality while allowing you to more easily engage and ultimately captivate your perfect clientele.

Your image is VALUABLE and very closely tied to your level of success.  Your Success Style’s Three P’s—preparation, poise, polish—will pave the way to an up-level in all areas of your business and life.  Here’s to YOUR Success Style!

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jillian Kauffman.  I am blessed to have this amazing young woman as the assistant chief of my team at Your Success Style.  She is a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and has an incredibly bright future.

The two of us were dishing about the upcoming trends and since I was taking a bit of time off, asked her pick her favorite ‘look’ and share it with you so here goes…

Last Friday marked the first official day of summer.  For many that means family vacations, lounging on the beach with a good read, or heading to the office having selected a shorter sleeve than in March.

However, Friday marked something completely different for the fashion industry: Fall/Winter 2013 line launches.  Even though the sun is out, at times causing sweltering heat waves, that cute leather coat you saw at Nordstrom isn’t out of place!

Right now is the opportune time to pick up, or start looking at, a few items that can easily carry over from summer directly into fall.  I have pulled together a few tips & tricks that you will be able to incorporate with ease.  Over the next few installments of “Jillian’s Tips & Tricks” I will share with you “in” colors, accessories, HOT trends and more!

Tip & Trick No.1: “WHITE” In Time For Summer


In preparation for this article, I read five magazines all published for June/July 2013.  In every magazine, there was at LEAST one article surrounding the topic of white as well as finding the “PWD” (perfect white dress).

White is not only on trend for summer but for fall and winter too.  For winter all you’ll have to do is add a jacket in midnight blue, and you’ll be set!  With this tip, I am giving you the mission of finding your “PWD”!

It doesn’t have to be short, long, flowy, tight or even strapless!  It should fit your body and be COMFORTABLE to wear.  After all, the goal is to carry this dress over into another season or two.

*Food for thought– because this dress is meant to last, consider a few things before you make the purchase:

  • material & stitching durability
  • budget allowing, spend a bit more than you’d  usually spend

 This is a dress that will be in use for more than a month or two.

Next time, we will explore how you can accessorize to maximize your “PWD”.

You have your mission, happy shopping!

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8820655_sDo you have a packed closet and nothing to wear…. except impulse buys you now regret? I have a simple Four Part Intervention to help you create a pared-down wardrobe of coordinating, enduring and great fitting pieces. Then, you’ll breeze by those unflattering markdowns.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the word Intervention, please! We’ll be working on this together for the next four weeks. One Part per week. Baby steps :) .

Part One: What’s Working?

You probably have a handful of go-to pieces you reach for when you want to look put together. Imagine having a rack full of them. This first step toward achieving that goal is to figure out what makes those favorites your favorites. Pull out five or more things you feel GREAT in and would wear every day if no one was keeping track. Now choose one thing in each category: tops, pants, jackets, skirts, dresses. Then, ask yourself a few questions about each piece. Note your answers so you can use them as your shopping guide later.

How would you describe the item? Crisp, tailored, soft, ruffly, etc.?
What image does it project? Smart, professional, edgy, fashionable, etc.?
What color is it? Does the shade brighten your complexion?
What fabric is it made of?
What is the silhouette like? Nipped at the waist? Flowing and hip-grazing?
What part(s) of your body does it accentuate?
What part(s) of you body does it de-emphasize?
Is it comfortable? The answer on this one should definitely be YES!!

Your answers reveal your style barometer. Use your notes to help pinpoint what you really like. You probably know much more about what works for you than you give yourself credit for! You may learn you prefer certain colors and shapes and begin to see a pattern! Think of it as nailing down your style essence or signature look. A style just for YOU.

Keep your eyes out for Part Two next week. Hint, hint… It’s Analyze Your Mistakes.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of your wardrobe, I CHALLENGE YOU to take the baby steps outlined above. Steps toward ultimately looking great, saving $$ and simplifying your life!

Love and light!!

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04-15-13-hp-qh-womenshandbags-7-adam-301aeb64-e17c-4410-8e95-a19c012ccb49-fil-filePulled these from and wanted YOU to see them!

Remember… these are general choices and just because they make the list does NOT mean they are necessarily right for you. Choose those that work for you personally and leave the rest!

1.  Blazer- Don’t relegate your blazer to 9-5. Throw it over a dress or wear it with jeans for unexpected weekend and night-out looks.

2.  Button Down Shirt- A great choice for the office, the woven button-down doubles as an off-duty option for the weekend. You can even pop it on over tanks as a lightweight layer.

3.  Cardigan- Your wardrobe workhorse. Throw a cute cardigan into your tote and you have a ready-to-go layer that works with practically every outfit.

4.  Tee- Of course and my favorite!  A classic for a reason- a perfect-fitting tee looks great on everyone. Pick one in a print or bright color to liven up your look.

5.  Black Pants- Go with black pants, a crisp button-down and a cardigan for a classically polished trio. The pants also serve as the perfect backdrop for colorful blouses and tees.

6.  Dark Wash Jeans- You can wear them just about anywhere, from casual Friday at the office to a night out on the town. Try them with sandals, flats and pumps.

7.  Pencil Skirt- Designed with a lean silhouette that flatters almost any figure, the pencil skirt transitions seamlessly from work to play. You can even pair it with breezy sandals and a tee on the weekend.

8.  Trench- A tailored trench is timeless and chic and it works with everything from an office-ready ensemble to jeans and a tee on the weekend.

9.  Bra and Panties- Here are the fundamentals: at least 4 perfectly fitted, convertible or t-shirt bras. Black and nude. Smooth, seamless panties to match.

10.  Crossbody Bag- The appealing, hands-free convenience of a crossbody bag is matched by the array of stylish silhouettes to choose from. From dainty minis to everyday satchels.

11.  Classic Pump- The pump’s beautiful curves instantly elevate your style no matter where you are, be it the office or date night. Start with at least two pairs: black and nude.

12.  Ballet Flats- More comfy than heels and more polished than sneakers, ballet flats go everywhere- from work to errands to dinner- without skipping a beat.

13.  Tote Bag-  The perfect tote possesses enough structure and poise to go from day to night with ease. Choose one that holds your daily essentials plus a few extras, like an umbrella, water bottle or cardigan.

These 13 picks would make a good packing list too!!  Have fun girls!