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     Just Say THANK YOU!!

    I love people and exploring what makes them tick.  In my 20+ years in image, it is a rare moment that when I pay a genuine compliment to someone, they accept it wholeheartedly.  Normally I get responses like, “Really?  I guess I must be having a good hair day.”   Or, my favorite, “It’s only because I’m wearing one of my colors.”  You fill in the blank for you? The common thread is that the response is non-acceptance of the compliment.  It simply identifies the reason I gave it to them.


    Are you guilty of it?  I am (at times) and have to be conscious of my responses because they tap into how I’m feeling about JuliAnn at the moment.  Are my dark roots showing? :)   Is there something I’m upset about?  Do I need to take some down time?  Quiet time? Possibly it goes even deeper and I’m not able to trust the kind words or think I’m worthy of them.  Does this resonate?

    When working with clients or speaking at events I BOLDLY DARE women to accept accolades as you would a gift.  It’s called the Just Say THANK YOU Challenge.  When someone praises you it’s like they’ve given you a beautifully wrapped present.  When you don’t graciously accept the compliment it’s like you’ve taken their gift and put it on the shelf unopened.  Doesn’t it honor them to accept it?  Doesn’t it honor YOU?  I know it makes me feel better to have an attitude of acceptance and ultimately self love and I’m confident it will help shift you, too.



    Why do YOU think it’s so hard to accept compliments?


    5 Luxurious Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything!

    Gift_Giving_Tips“She’s always so tough to buy for. She has everything. I really want to get her something special.” Do you have a friend/family member you feel that way about? I do.  I love the challenge of finding unique gifts, but it can be tough at times. Unique and thoughtful goodies make a woman feel special and if you’re doing a white elephant gift exchange, these are the ones those ladies will fight over!

    My Top 5 Hot Holiday Gift Picks are all things that a woman may not treat herself to, but you can!

    usb_aroma_diffuser_1024x1024USB Essential Oil Diffuser- Plug it into a USB port on your computer or in your car, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and the aroma will fill your room or car. Great for travel, too. $23


    150-1Best of Oat Milk Gift Set- This stuff smells amazing! Its one of my favorite treats. Deeply moisturizing with a lovely soft fragrance of milky clean. $20



    gold-tassle_300Tassel Key Chain- A pretty leather detail to dress up the mundane (i.e. driving carpool… unlocking your office… finding your keys after searching for 5 minutes…). Lots of colors. $30



     initial-compact_300Initial Compact- For the woman who claims she has it all, this personalized compact will be a necessary addition to her purse. So cute!! $38



    image_resize.phpScented Eye Pillow- Relax and unwind, anywhere, anytime with DreamTime’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask. This luxurious Sleep Mask completely blocks out the light, while lavender flowers are sprinkled inside to provide an aura of comfort and calm. I LOVE mine for naps! $15

    Have fun with these and, by all means, share your favorites, too!! 

    What’s Inside My Makeup Bag?


    Imagine you’re on a girls weekend away.  You’re crowded in front of the hotel vanity mirror, sharing makeup and dishing about your favorites.

    May I join in the party?  As an image expert, I consult with my clients about poise, wardrobe, presentation, hair AND makeup. Makeup is always a hot topic and as I AM one of the girls… I wanted to open my makeup bag and share some of my favorites with you!!  Click here :) .

    I opened my bag.  Will you open yours and share some of your favorites with us?